CLMT Exchange is a platform for trading carbon credits derived from UK Woodland and Peatland carbon projects.

CLMT Exchange is a division of ClimaFi Limited, a UK based climate technology company. ClimaFi combines carbon expertise with blockchain technology to provide scalable solutions for high quality carbon reduction and removal.

UK Carbon credits are based on two official standards:

The Woodland Carbon Code is the quality assurance standard for woodland creation projects in the UK, and generates high integrity, independently verified carbon units. Backed by the Government, the forest industry and carbon market experts, the Code provides woodland carbon units right here in the UK. The Woodland Carbon Code is internationally recognised for high standards of sustainable forest management and carbon management and is endorsed by ICROA, the global umbrella body for carbon reduction and offset providers in the voluntary market. Woodland Carbon Code projects provide social and environmental benefits for many communities across the UK. These include biodiversity and habitat creation, improvements in health and wellbeing, benefits for farming, local employment and educational opportunities.

The Peatland Code is a voluntary certification standard for UK peatland projects wishing to market the climate benefits of peatland restoration and provides assurances to voluntary carbon market buyers that the climate benefits being sold are real, quantifiable, additional and permanent.

Carbon Offsets

A high-integrity voluntary carbon market is a key complementary tool to reduce and remove emissions above and beyond what would otherwise be possible and to channel finance towards climate resilient development.